Online Training Integrity Criteria


Without the ability to validate the identity or participation of personnel completing on-line training, the very concept of ‘training’ disappears and the activity becomes purely an administrative task without organizational value. Organizations effectively managing the ethical, privacy, legal and productivity aspects of on-line training can utilize the following criteria to ensure their processes meet organizational needs.

The criteria is comprised of six questions an organizations should be able to answer ‘Yes’ to if they are conducting online training of any regulatory, due diligence and/or operational significance.

  • Does the verification process verify the identity of the learner through a comparison of the learner's image and a piece of government issued photo identification?
  • Does the verification process provided the learner with and required the learner to accept a privacy policy?
  • Does the verification process delete the proof of identity soon after identity is confirmed (within 24 hours)?
  • Does the verification process review the participation of the learner via the learners web camera to confirm conformance to rules?
  • Does the verification process restrict access to private data (identification, monitoring media) so that captured data is only viewable to parties that do not have access to other private information about the learner beyond the name of the participant?
  • Is the technology utilized non-evasive i.e. does not require a software installation on the learners device (if used for external users (i.e. contractors) and/or personnel devices)?

CPHR Alberta Members Only

For the benefit of CPHR Alberta membership, and because only one service provider has been found to meet the OTI criteria, an CPHR Alberta exclusive arrangement has been negotiated with Integrity Advocate, a Canadian-based technology provider with an application that can be added to any internal or third-party LMS to verify the identity and participation.

CPHR Alberta exclusive arrangement provides members with a 500 session standard package (Includes both ID Verification & Biometric – Assisted Proctoring) at no cost, as well as technical support for a full integration into both the online course as well as a fully functional API connection and 50% off each members initial package purchase, of any type, with no volume restrictions for each member employer.

Provider: Integrity Advocate